Saturday, March 26, 2011

Please make welcome Claudya Designs

Grunge Rocks$3.00

Grunge digital scrapbook mini-kit. Contains 10 papers with 800 px each at 190 dpi, and 48 png files. PU only please

Gotik$3.00Gotik mini-kit scrapbook for taggers, comes with 11 papers of 800x800px at 190dpi, and 34 png files. PU please



Candyland mini-kit for digital scrapbook. Contains 8 papers with 800px at 190 dpi, and 53 png flies. PU only please.
Here is some of what Claudya Designs has to offer  stop in and check her out.

Audrey Style


Audrey Style mini-kit scrapbook for taggers. Contains 10 papers of 900x900px at 190 dpi, and 36 png files. PU please

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